Weekly Program Guide for WBRWTV - Jul 12, 2020 to Jul 18, 2020
Sunday12:00 AMWash Trustee June 17
Sunday3:00 AMSpecial Wash Meeting July 8
Sunday3:10 AMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Sunday3:20 AM2020 Candidate Statements B
Sunday3:30 AM2020 Candidate Statement C
Sunday4:05 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Sunday5:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Sunday5:15 AMEats and Treats
Sunday5:20 AMWashington Shines
Sunday5:30 AMFallen Heroes
Sunday5:40 AMWashington in the "Q"
Sunday5:50 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Sunday6:00 AM2020 Candidate Statements A
Sunday6:20 AM2020 Candidate Statements B
Sunday6:30 AM2020 Candidate Statement C
Sunday7:05 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Sunday8:00 AMSearch July 12
Sunday8:30 AMStoney Church July 5
Sunday9:30 AMSt. John Lutheran July 12
Sunday9:50 AMWestview Orchards 360
Sunday10:05 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Sunday10:18 AMWashington Shines
Sunday10:25 AMWashington in the "Q"
Sunday10:30 AMOrchard Ridge Church May 24
Sunday11:30 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Sunday11:45 AMWashington Shines
Sunday12:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Sunday3:00 PMSpecial Wash Meeting July 8
Sunday3:10 PMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Sunday3:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Sunday3:30 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Sunday4:05 PMBruce Forum 6/26
Sunday5:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Sunday5:15 PMEats and Treats
Sunday5:20 PMWashington Shines
Sunday5:30 PMFallen Heroes
Sunday5:40 PMWashington in the "Q"
Sunday5:50 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Sunday6:00 PM2020 Candidate Statements A
Sunday6:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Sunday6:30 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Sunday7:05 PMDefending Independence
Sunday7:35 PMRHS Class of 2020
Sunday7:50 PMWashington in the "Q"
Sunday8:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Sunday8:15 PMEats and Treats
Sunday8:20 PMWashington Shines
Sunday8:30 PMFallen Heroes
Sunday8:40 PMWashington in the "Q"
Sunday8:50 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Sunday9:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Monday12:00 AM2020 Candidate Statements A
Monday12:20 AM2020 Candidate Statements B
Monday12:30 AM2020 Candidate Statement C
Monday1:05 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Monday2:00 AMSearch July 5
Monday2:30 AMStoney Church June 28
Monday3:30 AMSt. John Lutheran July 5
Monday4:18 AMWashington Shines
Monday4:25 AMWashington in the "Q"
Monday4:30 AMOrchard Ridge Church June 27
Monday5:30 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Monday5:45 AMWashington Shines
Monday6:00 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Monday6:50 AMWashington Shines
Monday7:00 AMYoga with Kim
Monday7:30 AMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Monday7:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Monday7:45 AMEats & Treats
Monday7:50 AMWashington in the "Q"
Monday8:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Monday8:15 AMWashington Shines
Monday8:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Monday8:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Monday8:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Monday9:00 AMYoga with Kim
Monday9:30 AMCensus 2020
Monday9:35 AMDebbie's Dollar 360
Monday9:40 AMWashington in the "Q"
Monday9:50 AMWashington Shines
Monday10:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Monday11:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Monday11:15 AMWashington Shines
Monday11:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Monday11:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Monday11:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Monday12:00 PM2020 Candidate Statements A
Monday12:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Monday12:30 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Monday1:05 PMDefending Independence
Monday1:35 PMRHS Class of 2020
Monday1:50 PMWashington in the "Q"
Monday2:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Monday2:15 PMWashington Shines
Monday2:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Monday2:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Monday2:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Monday3:00 PMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Monday3:50 PMEats & Treats
Monday4:00 PMYoga with Kim
Monday4:30 PMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Monday4:40 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Monday4:50 PMWashington Shines
Monday5:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Monday5:15 PMWashington Shines
Monday5:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Monday5:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Monday5:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Monday6:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Monday9:00 PMSpecial Wash Meeting July 8
Monday9:10 PMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Monday9:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Monday9:30 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Monday10:05 PMBruce Forum 6/26
Monday11:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Monday11:15 PMWashington Shines
Monday11:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Monday11:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Monday11:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Tuesday12:00 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Tuesday12:50 AMWashington Shines
Tuesday1:00 AMYoga with Kim
Tuesday1:30 AMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Tuesday1:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday1:45 AMEats & Treats
Tuesday1:50 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday2:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Tuesday2:15 AMWashington Shines
Tuesday2:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Tuesday2:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday2:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Tuesday3:00 AMYoga with Kim
Tuesday3:30 AMCensus 2020
Tuesday3:35 AMDebbie's Dollar 360
Tuesday3:40 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday3:50 AMWashington Shines
Tuesday4:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Tuesday5:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Tuesday5:15 AMWashington Shines
Tuesday5:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Tuesday5:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday5:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Tuesday6:00 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Tuesday6:50 AMWashington Shines
Tuesday7:00 AMWeight Training with Mary
Tuesday7:30 AM2020 Candidate Statements A
Tuesday7:50 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday8:00 AMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Tuesday8:10 AMSamaritan House 2020 Update
Tuesday8:15 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday8:25 AMLibrary Update
Tuesday8:30 AMWashington Shines
Tuesday8:35 AMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Tuesday8:45 AMHelping Hands Masks
Tuesday8:50 AM2020 Candidate Statements B
Tuesday9:00 AMWeight Training with Mary
Tuesday9:30 AM2020 Candidate Statements B
Tuesday9:40 AMEats and Treats
Tuesday9:50 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday10:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Tuesday10:52 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday11:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Tuesday11:15 AMWashington Shines
Tuesday11:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Tuesday11:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday11:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Tuesday12:00 PM2020 Candidate Statements A
Tuesday12:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Tuesday12:30 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Tuesday1:05 PMBruce Forum 6/26
Tuesday2:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Tuesday2:15 PMWashington Shines
Tuesday2:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Tuesday2:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday2:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Tuesday3:00 PMBruce Forum 6/26
Tuesday4:00 PMWeight Training with Mary
Tuesday4:30 PMWashington Shines
Tuesday4:40 PMEats and Treats
Tuesday4:50 PMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday5:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Tuesday5:15 PMWashington Shines
Tuesday5:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Tuesday5:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday5:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Tuesday6:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Tuesday9:00 PM2020 Candidate Statements A
Tuesday9:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Tuesday9:30 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Tuesday10:05 PMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Tuesday11:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Tuesday11:15 PMWashington Shines
Tuesday11:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Tuesday11:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Tuesday11:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Wednesday12:00 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Wednesday12:50 AMWashington Shines
Wednesday1:00 AMWeight Training with Mary
Wednesday1:30 AM2020 Candidate Statements A
Wednesday1:50 AMWashington in the "Q"
Wednesday2:00 AMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Wednesday2:10 AMSamaritan House 2020 Update
Wednesday2:15 AMWashington in the "Q"
Wednesday2:25 AMLibrary Update
Wednesday2:30 AMWashington Shines
Wednesday2:35 AMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Wednesday2:45 AMHelping Hands Masks
Wednesday2:50 AM2020 Candidate Statements B
Wednesday3:00 AMWeight Training with Mary
Wednesday3:30 AM2020 Candidate Statements B
Wednesday3:40 AMEats and Treats
Wednesday3:50 AMWashington in the "Q"
Wednesday4:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Wednesday4:52 AMWashington in the "Q"
Wednesday5:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Wednesday5:15 AMWashington Shines
Wednesday5:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Wednesday5:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Wednesday5:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Wednesday6:00 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Wednesday7:00 AMZumba B
Wednesday7:20 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Wednesday7:35 AMEats and Treats
Wednesday7:45 AMEats and Treats
Wednesday7:55 AMEats & Treats
Wednesday8:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Wednesday8:15 AMWashington Shines
Wednesday8:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Wednesday8:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Wednesday8:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Wednesday9:00 AMZumba B
Wednesday9:20 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Wednesday9:30 AMEats and Treats
Wednesday9:40 AMTreasurer's Update
Wednesday10:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Wednesday11:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Wednesday11:15 AMWashington Shines
Wednesday11:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Wednesday11:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Wednesday11:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Wednesday12:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Wednesday3:00 PMBruce Forum 6/26
Wednesday4:00 PMZumba B
Wednesday4:20 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Wednesday4:35 PMEats and Treats
Wednesday4:45 PMArt & Jakes 360
Wednesday5:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Wednesday5:15 PMWashington Shines
Wednesday5:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Wednesday5:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Wednesday5:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Wednesday6:00 PM2020 Candidate Statements A
Wednesday6:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Wednesday6:30 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Wednesday7:05 PMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Wednesday8:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Wednesday8:15 PMWashington Shines
Wednesday8:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Wednesday8:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Wednesday8:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Wednesday9:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Thursday12:00 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Thursday1:00 AMZumba B
Thursday1:20 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Thursday1:35 AMEats and Treats
Thursday1:45 AMEats and Treats
Thursday1:55 AMEats & Treats
Thursday2:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Thursday2:15 AMWashington Shines
Thursday2:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Thursday2:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Thursday2:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Thursday3:00 AMZumba B
Thursday3:20 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Thursday3:30 AMEats and Treats
Thursday3:40 AMTreasurer's Update
Thursday4:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Thursday5:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Thursday5:15 AMWashington Shines
Thursday5:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Thursday5:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Thursday5:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Thursday6:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Thursday7:00 AMStep Aerobics
Thursday7:30 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Thursday7:45 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Thursday8:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Thursday8:15 AMWashington Shines
Thursday8:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Thursday8:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Thursday8:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Thursday9:00 AMStep Aerobics
Thursday9:30 AMWashington Shines
Thursday9:40 AMWashington in the "Q"
Thursday9:45 AMEats & Treats
Thursday10:00 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Thursday10:50 AMEats and Treats
Thursday11:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Thursday11:15 AMWashington Shines
Thursday11:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Thursday11:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Thursday11:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Thursday12:00 PM2020 Candidate Statements A
Thursday12:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Thursday12:30 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Thursday1:05 PMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Thursday2:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Thursday2:15 PMWashington Shines
Thursday2:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Thursday2:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Thursday2:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Thursday3:00 PMBruce Forum 6/26
Thursday4:00 PMStep Aerobics
Thursday4:30 PMPatriot Grave Ceremony
Thursday4:50 PMWashington in the "Q"
Thursday5:00 PMTreasurer's Update
Thursday5:20 PMRHS Class of 2020
Thursday5:40 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Thursday5:50 PMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Thursday6:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Thursday9:00 PMSpecial Wash Meeting July 8
Thursday9:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Thursday9:30 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Thursday10:05 PMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Thursday11:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Thursday11:15 PMWashington Shines
Thursday11:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Thursday11:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Thursday11:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Friday12:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Friday1:00 AMStep Aerobics
Friday1:30 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Friday1:45 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Friday2:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Friday2:15 AMWashington Shines
Friday2:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Friday2:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Friday2:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Friday3:00 AMStep Aerobics
Friday3:30 AMWashington Shines
Friday3:40 AMWashington in the "Q"
Friday3:45 AMEats & Treats
Friday4:00 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Friday4:50 AMEats and Treats
Friday5:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Friday5:15 AMWashington Shines
Friday5:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Friday5:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Friday5:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Friday6:00 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Friday6:50 AMWashington in the "Q"
Friday7:00 AMPilates with Mary
Friday7:35 AMWashington Shines
Friday7:45 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Friday8:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Friday8:15 AMWashington Shines
Friday8:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Friday8:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Friday8:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Friday9:00 AMPilates with Mary
Friday9:35 AMWashington Shines
Friday9:45 AMEats & Treats
Friday10:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Friday11:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Friday11:15 AMWashington Shines
Friday11:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Friday11:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Friday11:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Friday12:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Friday3:00 PMSpecial Wash Meeting July 8
Friday3:10 PM2020 Candidate Statements A
Friday3:30 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Friday3:40 PMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Friday3:50 PMWashington in the "Q"
Friday4:00 PMPilates with Mary
Friday4:30 PMBest of Independence Day
Friday5:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Friday5:15 PMWashington Shines
Friday5:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Friday5:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Friday5:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Friday6:00 PMWash. Planning Meeting July 9
Friday7:20 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Friday7:55 PMWashington in the "Q"
Friday8:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Friday8:15 PMWashington Shines
Friday8:25 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
Friday8:35 PMWashington in the "Q"
Friday8:40 PMRHS Class of 2020
Friday9:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Saturday12:00 AMSpecial Wash Meeting July 8
Saturday12:10 AM2020 Candidate Statements A
Saturday12:30 AM2020 Candidate Statements B
Saturday12:40 AMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Saturday12:50 AMWashington in the "Q"
Saturday1:00 AMPilates with Mary
Saturday1:35 AMWashington Shines
Saturday1:45 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Saturday2:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Saturday2:15 AMWashington Shines
Saturday2:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Saturday2:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Saturday2:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Saturday3:00 AMPilates with Mary
Saturday3:35 AMWashington Shines
Saturday3:45 AMEats & Treats
Saturday4:00 AMBruce Forum 6/26
Saturday5:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Saturday5:15 AMWashington Shines
Saturday5:25 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Saturday5:35 AMWashington in the "Q"
Saturday5:40 AMRHS Class of 2020
Saturday6:00 AMWash Trustee June 17
Saturday9:00 AMSpecial Wash Meeting July 8
Saturday9:10 AMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Saturday9:20 AM2020 Candidate Statements B
Saturday9:30 AM2020 Candidate Statement C
Saturday10:05 AMBruce Candidate Forum 6/25
Saturday11:00 AMMarch for Racial Justice
Saturday11:15 AMEats and Treats
Saturday11:20 AMWashington Shines
Saturday11:30 AMFallen Heroes
Saturday11:40 AMWashington in the "Q"
Saturday11:50 AMClass 2020 Car Parade
Saturday12:00 PMWash. Planning Meeting July 9
Saturday1:20 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Saturday1:55 PMWashington in the "Q"
Saturday2:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Saturday2:15 PMEats and Treats
Saturday2:20 PMWashington Shines
Saturday2:30 PMSearch July 12
Saturday3:00 PMStoney Church July 5
Saturday4:00 PMOrchard Ridge Church May 24
Saturday5:00 PMSt. John Lutheran July 12
Saturday5:20 PMPatriot Grave Ceremony
Saturday5:42 PMWashington Shines
Saturday5:50 PMWashington in the "Q"
Saturday6:00 PMWash Trustee June 17
Saturday9:00 PMSpecial Wash Meeting July 8
Saturday9:10 PMWash. Twp. Clerk Update
Saturday9:20 PM2020 Candidate Statements B
Saturday9:33 PM2020 Candidate Statement C
Saturday10:10 PMPrivilege of Freedom
Saturday10:38 PMRHS Class of 2020
Saturday10:53 PMWashington in the "Q"
Saturday11:00 PMMarch for Racial Justice
Saturday11:15 PMEats and Treats
Saturday11:20 PMWashington Shines
Saturday11:30 PMFallen Heroes
Saturday11:40 PMWashington in the "Q"
Saturday11:50 PMClass 2020 Car Parade
*This schedule is valid as of 3:33 AM on Sunday, July 12, 2020 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.